Helping you see the wood and the trees

Companies are often so focused on the day to day tasks of running the business that they simply don’t see beyond that. New opportunities, and perhaps the chance to grow the business, can pass by unnoticed. Exciting possibilities may even be hidden in plain sight.

We work with companies to remove these barriers, and clear the path to success. 

We recognise that managing the detail of a business is essential to success. But it’s vital to see the bigger picture. That’s why we help our clients see the wood and the trees.

Explore every angle for success

Every business is different. So we look at every opportunity in a new way. It means that we treat each client as an individual. And each solution is unique.

As a bespoke consultancy, we can provide you with services and actions that are based around the specific needs, challenges and objectives of your business.

We’re able to offer you a truly personalised approach, with measurable outcomes. So you can see for yourself how our approach works for you.

View your potential in a new light

Business is always evolving. And the needs of your business may have changed over time. At Figured, we understand this. So we reveal the true potential of your business, bringing all the elements together to help you see the future – and what your business is capable of – in a new light.

You may be looking to raise money to grow your business. Perhaps you want to accelerate your plans. You could also be seeking ways to maintain or grow your investor base. Whatever your immediate and future goals, we can help you make the most of your potential for business success.

About Figured

Figured was launched in 2006. Since then, we have been working with a wide range of clients to offer advice and support for their business in three key areas.

  • Shareholder and investor communications helping businesses successfully engage with shareholders and build strong, rewarding relationships
  • Private investment positioning companies and organisations as an attractive proposition to private investors
  • Maximising value guiding businesses on how best to maximise their value to attract strategic investment

To find out more about Figured and to discuss how we can help your business, please call us on 0131 447 3538.

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